Monday, January 31, 2011

In Which I Explore

I wake up in the dark room and look around. There is only one door and I can see a forest beyond it. I quickly walk through the door and start looking around, taking in the sights around me, in the hopes that I might know where I am. The trees tower high above me and are clustered close enough together that they let very little light through, casting an all prevailing shadow over the surrounding forest. I find where the sun is and walk towards it, trying to head in one direction so that I don't loop back in on my self.

After about three minutes of walking the ground starts to lead up to what looks like a mountain, though the trees are still blocking my vision at that point so I can't really see how high up it goes. I start walking up the hill/ mountain. After about two minutes of walking up the hill/ mountain I get to another clearing in the trees and sit down, looking around. To one side, facing away from the mountain, I can see through the trees and look out over the valley I had just exited. It was really a beautiful sight.

After a few minutes I get back up and start heading back up. The sun had started to go down, and the valley was starting to get cast into shadows. As I walk along I get the feeling that I am now being watched, and as the forest and valley gets darker and darker, the feeling gets worse and worse.

As soon as the sun falls completely behind the mountain and I am cast into darkness, the feeling hits a peak and I hear rustling in the forest all around me. I start running as quickly as I can up the mountain, dark figures darting between the trees all around me. Suddenly I am knocked to the ground and one of the figures pins me to the ground, it's a wolf. No... it's not a wolf... It's too big... but... well... It's pretty much a really big wolf, and at that point it had me pinned. I start to cry for help and it bites my neck and crushes my windpipe, thus stopping my cries. I hear several more of the wolves walk up and feel a terrible pain in my left thigh and my right foot. Suddenly the wolf above me bites at my face, and I wake up.

It started out alright, and really, the forest was beautiful, and it was my fault for being out there when it was dark, so it was kind of a nightmare... but I didn't wake up screaming at least.

Alley out~

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