Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's weird how it's always so hard for me to go to bed before midnight... I mean, I'm just now starting to get a little bit tired... *sigh* Right now I'm just listening to Minibosses and their album Brass. Good band. They do rock versions of old videogame music.

I was watching animes up until about an hour ago with Emi. She decided to head to bed though, so I'm just kinda sitting here getting bored. So I decided to post something on here.

I've been typing this little post for about 15 minutes... I just can't think of anything to type... but I'm still not tired enough to sleep...

Now I'm just browsing It's pretty much just a huge database of wallpapers.

Found this and remembered how Slender Man is big on forests. So I decided to just post it. X]  I thought it looked pretty cool and spooky. Oooooh spooooky.

Oh this one is better because of how red the leaves look and how foggy it is. Heh. This'll probably influence my dreams tonight. lol, oh well.

Well I guess I'll head to bed now everyone. Sleep well.

Alley out~

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