Saturday, January 29, 2011

In Which I Perform

Okay posting last nights dream, I only got up about fifteen minutes ago. X] 

I wake up, sitting on a small leather bench, like a piano bench. As I look around I realize it is. I'm sitting infront of a grand piano and am dressed in a tuxedo. I look to my right and I also realize I'm on a stage, beyond it the theater is completely packed. They're all dressed in their finest clothes, though... they don't look modern... they look like they're dressed in more Victorian Era style clothing. 

I look to the music on the piano and realize that the notes are too small for me to read, they keep moving around on the page and refusing to focus, and I know then that I am in a dream.

I decide to play something I know I can play and start playing Ludo's Love Me Dead. As I start singing I can hear the crowd gasp in horror at the lyrics and how the music sounds, but I continue. I occasionally look over at the crowd and can just see the front row and see their faces, they are all horrified at what they're seeing before them.

As soon as I finish though I hear a small group of people start clapping loudly, applauding me. I look out at the audience and look as closely as I can, staring through the lights and see who is applauding me, it's a group of what looks like lower class people standing in the back of the theater.

I smile, stand up, and bow. As I do I hear footsteps behind me and I turn to look, it's a group of guards, their guns raised at me. I start to hold up my hands and I hear a gunshot ring out and one of the guards drop dead. As soon as his body hits the ground though, I wake up.

Hope you enjoyed last night's dream. I definitely did.

Alley out~


  1. That's a unique one. Glad you didn't die this time!

  2. Heh, yeah, I know. I didn't mention this, but I have a feeling that all of my dreams take place in the same dream world. It isn't apparent yet, but they all share a lot of the same characteristics.