Friday, January 28, 2011

In Which I Die

Yeah I died last night in my dream... *sigh* so yeah... I'll post it down below.

I'm in a room... I can't see anything, except for a light above me, and as I look around, I realize that the walls, floor, and ceiling are black. In the ceiling is a single fluorescent light. I slowly walk around the room, running my hands along with smooth walls. This room has been the start of several of my dreams, each time something leading to me leaving it, and this time is no exception. Suddenly I hear something behind me and I turn to see that one of the walls now has a doorway in it, no door, just a doorway, an opening. I quickly walk through, thinking that whatever is beyond it has to be better than this disturbingly dark... yet well lit room...

As I walk through I realize I'm now in a cave and as I turn around I see nothing but a wall behind me, the room now gone. I start to walk along, light from far above me shining down and bouncing around enough to give a faint illumination. As I walk along I feel as though I'm being watched. I slowly look around and as I look behind me I hear something scuttle away and a fleeting shadow rush from the open to a nearby group of stalagmites. Rather than investigate I decide that it would be best to leave as soon as possible. I quickly start to run away, trying to head upwards overall. As I run along I realize that the path I took has led me to a tunnel that seems to get smaller and smaller as it goes along. I hear something moving behind me and know that it is that small shadow I saw run from sight before. 

I panic, the claustrophobia, darkness, and sounds getting to me. I run as fast as I can down the tunnel, soon army crawling as quickly as I can, I can still hear the sounds of scuttling behind me, closer, closer. I start dragging myself forward, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and no, not a symbolic, going to the afterlife one, I can see the faint image of a tree branch against the light that is streaming in.

Suddenly I feel the shadowy thing grab my foot and drag me back, pulling me back from the light. I scream as I am pulled away, feeling it's... claws... digging into my leg as it pulls me along. I look back to see what it looks like. I see the face of a human... except... it has no eyes... but it's mouth... it's open in what appears to be a smile, and as it smiles I can see row after row of razor sharp teeth. It fingers are long and thin, with short, but very sharp, claws at the end. I scream louder as I take in the sight of the beast. It appears to wince at the loudness of my screaming and drags me just far enough back to be able to be ontop of me, and as it does it quickly crawls ontop of me and grabs my throat, I can't breath or scream as I feel it's hand tighten around my throat, it's claws digging into my skin. Suddenly I feel the skin break and it's claws cut through my throat, flooding my lungs with blood. I try to gasp or breath, but all that I feel is blood filling what is left of my throat and my lungs. Soon everything goes dark... and I wake up...

Well... that's it... I promise, not all of my dreams are as horrific as this one... Sorry if I disturbed anyone, but my dreams can be like this at times...

Alley out~


  1. Ugh. I think I had a nightmare of the same monster one time.

    Very creepy sounding. I hope you don't get any more like that.

  2. Heh same here. It really sucked. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight. We'll see, we'll see.