Saturday, February 5, 2011


I think I might need to go to bed. I just had a hallucination. Sooooo yeaaaaah... there's that.

I was sitting here at my desk, just surfing youtube, when I heard the closet door open. (yeah scared the crap out of me) When I turned around the door was open only a few inches, but I swear I could see something looking out of the closet, and no it wasn't the cave creature. This thing had deep black eyes, an almost wire thin mouth that went from cheek bone to cheek bone, and was very thin overall. I thought I could smell something foul for a second, but when I blinked, it was gone and so was any trace of any smell.

Yeah I think it was a combination of all the Everymanhybrid I've been watching and my looking up the creepy pasta of The Rake that caused this hallucination, along with my lack of sleep... yeah I sort of lied yesterday, I didn't have a dream last night cause I didn't go to sleep... the waking dream from before that just... well I just couldn't bring myself to sleep... I'm saying that all those were factors because the hallucination fit the (admittedly vague) descriptions of The Rake.

Oh, and the door was open, but I asked Emi and she said that it had been open for several hours since she changed into night clothes, so I also hallucinated hearing the door open. Good times.

Alley out~


  1. Wicked, it's never fun seeing things, AND BOY do I know that. Just... keep an eye out though, just in case.

  2. Heh well it was a new experience for me, I usually sleep pretty regularly, so I don't stay up long enough to experience something like that.

    Just in case? Like if it's real or something? Believe me, this shit isn't real, I mean, I have a SUPER active imagination, so I'm sure that my brain just gets a few mixed signals and my imagination goes wild with it.

  3. I'm not saying it is or not. I don't know it could be me and my over active paranoia, but it's just.. you never can be too sure.
    If you think and believe in something enough it can come true, even your deepest fears.

  4. Thaaaanks for that. Yeah after reading so much Slender Man stuff, that's really what I need to hear. X D jk jk. But yeah I know what you mean, to a degree.