Friday, February 4, 2011

In Which I Slept

Okay the title might seem weird... or stupid, but there's a reason for it!

I wake up, IN MY BED. Yeah, my normal bed, nothing seems out of place, Emi is sleeping right next to me, the alarm clock is where it should be, though it is blinking 12:00 at me, meaning the power cut out at some point, but is back.

I slowly got up and out of bed, heading for the hallway, planning on going to the kitchen
| Bed                                       |   clo-    |               |        Kitchen stuff     |
| here                                      |    set     |              |                                 |
|                                           \                |              |                                |
|                                             \              |              |                                |
|            Bedroom                      |_______|              |                                |
|                                               |        Bathroom     |             Living room  |
|                                    ward- |                           |                                  |
|                \                     robe |            \              |                                  | 
|______        \_______________|___         \_______|                                  |
|                                                                                                            |
|             Main Hall                                                                    \             |
|_________________________________________________           \______|
                                                                                      Front Door

So yeah, there's a basic layout of our apartment. Small, but I like it.

Sidenote: It was a B*TCH to create that layout of my apartment.

Well as I step out into the hallway I hear something back in the bedroom. I quickly turn around and walk  back in, to see the closet door open. I slowly walk over to the closet and as I open it, I see a hole in the wall.  The hole is only about four feet wide, by four feet tall, but the weird part is, it's against the wall leading to my bathroom. I turn on the light above me and kneel down, looking inside. Instead of seeing the bathroom on the otherside, I just see darkness. I hear something scuttling inside of the hole and suddenly the thing from the cave comes crawling out as fast as it can (I'm guessing, cause it was damn fast) and tackles me, shoving me to the ground. It leans close to my ear and hisses before I hear it whisper something... It said "Our world is here..."

I woke up as soon as it finished saying that.

So yeah... it was creepy... That's actually why Emi and I spent the day at the mall... I just didn't want to be in the apartment... Oh, and no, there's nothing actually wrong with our closet... but yeah... still creepy. :\

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