Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In Which I Shop

I wake up in my dream last night in The Dark Room and directly infront of me is a door that looks like it leads out to an alleyway. I quickly walk through since there was no point in just staying in The Dark Room.

As I walk out I look around and, indeed, I am in an alleyway. The ground is cobblestone and the buildings look like they're an older style of construction. I walk to the end of the alley and look out onto the street and see that everything looks like it's straight out of Sweeney Todd. I mean, it looks like that style of buildings and manner of dressing.

I start to slowly walk down the street and eventually make my way to the market. I start looking around at what everyone is selling and make my way to a person selling fruit. I reach into my back pocket and realize I have a coin purse. I pull it out and pull out what looks like a dime made of gold. I hand it to the man at the market stall and take what looks like an apple, but bigger than any apple I'd ever had before. As I walk along I start eating it, the juicy "apple" tasting sweeter than any apple I'd ever eaten before.

As I walk along I see what looks like a message board and walk up to it, looking over the papers on the board. I see a group of papers that look like wanted papers. On one of them I see my face and below the picture is a number with a lot of zeros behind it below the numbers was an explanation for why I was wanted. "wanted dead or alive for the use of magic". I panic and drop the apple and start to run, knowing that I was in danger if I were to stay there for too long. If a guard were to see me they'd probably kill me on the spot.

As I turn around the corner I run head long into a group of guards, knocking one of them down as I run into them. The remaining guards point their swords at me and surround me. "Stand up" one of them yells at me. I slowly get up, eyeing the swords. "Listen... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bump int-" One of them interrupts me. "This is the man who is wanted for using magic!" The man who is obviously the leader of the guards looks fearful for a second before plunging his sword into my stomach. The pain is immense as  he drives the sword all the way through me and I fall to the ground. Everything goes black and I wake up, screaming.

That's all. As far as I can tell my dreams are one continuous story... though this doesn't make sense since I die in a lot of them... well I'll see you all later!

Alley out~

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  1. Oh little note about how I talk about my dreams. When I say, looks like, or, sounds like, it's just that it's a dream, and so everything is off just a little bit, so I can't say "it is ____" I feel I have to say "It looks like _____" cause it's more accurate.