Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Got lost

In the labyrinth. Sorry guys... Oh and the thing that I was trying to see... yeah... turns out that shadowy black thing got through my barricade... so yeah... I'm a little nervous about that... but I think I'll be okay overall... It's been relatively quiet recently... the ticking and clicking is a lot quieter... I think things are starting to settle down... That's good at least... That's all for now.

Ackley Dark Out~

Monday, May 2, 2011

I've been seeing something

It's weird... I woke up this morning and felt like there was something at my door and when I looked there was nothing, but I had a seriously strong feeling that I'd just missed seeing whatever had been there... This has happened several times...

I noticed that R.T. is trying to contact some entities... well I feel that whatever presence is there... it's not friendly... So maybe if he needs to contact an unfriendly entity I can make it show up... I don't know... I'm really nervous about this...

Ackley Dark Out~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About the clicking-

I think it's ticking... I described a clicking sound in my return post... well... I think it's ticking... like that of a clock... I'm trying to find the source... but I think it's just a part of this place... like it's all around me at once... The clicking seems to get more frantic when a shift is about to happen, so at least now I have a warning system... 

Oh, didn't mention, I do have some books, so I've been reading recently. Right now I'm eating a reuben and reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. God I love this story, and god I love this sandwich.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It was the kitchen!

I grabbed one of the chairs from the barricade and smashed it against the wall, it gave way pretty easily, and it broke right into the kitchen. Thank god. Still fully stocked and fresh. God it's great to have real food again...

Well I'll see you all tomorrow, I'm going to fix myself a sandwich.

Ackley Dark Out~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Description of immediate surroundings.

In the room I'm in right now, there's just this desk, some pencils, paper, and my laptop. Down the hall, in the first room on the left, is what I'm assuming was my bathroom. It has a sink, toilet, and shower, but nothing else. So at least I can stay clean.

In the next room on the left is my dresser, and that's it, cause there was some furniture and miscellaneous stuff in there, but I've used it to barricade some other rooms. I've laid out a pile of clothes and am using it as my bed for now, until I find my bedroom. Hopefully it appears soon...

At the end of the hallway is a very large room with a railing along one side, beyond the railing is a curved, downward, slope leading down to a round hole. I don't know what's down there and don't want to find out. I'll call this room "The Sink Room".

Rooms I haven't found: Kitchen, washing machine room, and bedroom.

Hopefully I can find the kitchen really soon... I've only had water and some snacks that I had in my desk for food and drink for awhile... There's a... room? that I think might have something for me. There's no entrance, but after mapping out the immediate area (It shifts around, but these most immediate rooms don't go away) there's a space that's unaccounted for, meaning there's gotta be something there, but there's no door, so pretty soon I'm gonna try and break down the wall, and hopefully it'll turn out to be the kitchen... we'll see...

There's a room down another hallway with a hole that looks like something broke through the floor and up into the room... I've seen... something dark and shadowy in there... I've decided to barricade that room... I don't want whatever is in there getting out... This room will be called "The Hole Room"

if you turn the corner and head down the next hall there is another room on the right. In it is a spiral staircase, I haven't explored it because I'm afraid if I go to another floor then this floor will shift drastically... I don't know... well, at the end of the room is a huge mirror, and that's it for that room. This will be called "The Mirror Room".

at the end of that hallway is what I'll dub the "Great Hall" Kind of like House of Leaves great hall. It's really really big and is lined with pillars. The seventh pillar on the right is broken, and it seems to go on forever, I haven't full explored it yet.

in the first hallway, with the bathroom and my makeshift bedroom, on the right is a door leading to what I'll dub "The Labyrinth". The Labyrinth is to the left of that doorway, and it's just what its name implies, a huge labyrinth. It shifts so often though that I've given up on exploring it or trying to find my way through it.

To the right this very short hallway leads to what I'm calling "The Green Room" It's just a room that's colored green. connected to it are three more rooms, one is yellow, one is blue, and the last is red. I went into the red room and as I turned the corner I could hear something that sounded... well... it sounded like the Cave Creature... so I panicked and left. I barricaded that room too... Oh and the blue and yellow rooms don't have anything in them and don't lead anywhere... I don't know what their point is...

That's all I have to say at this time... I'm just getting worried about my food supply now...

Ackley Dark Out~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Like Our Subsequent Times

I will be forgotten.

I am Ackley Dark.

I am lost... My mind... I've created... something... vast... winding... clicking... shifting... I can't find my way out... I was lucky enough to find my desk and find my computer... somehow my internet still works... at least there's that... I can't find the exit... These corridors... they stretch on for too long... too long... I've tried to make maps... they are useless... Like the house... yes that house... This place has reflected my mind... and how jumbled... and lost... and full of evil it is... I can't find the door.

... I don't know what anyone can do... but it would probably do me no harm to at least chronicle what I find... and what I think... it would help to keep me from going completely mad...

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm sorry

But I don't think I'll be able to post anymore. The personal things that have been happening have gotten bad enough that I don't think I can really continue to make this anymore... Sorry for anyone who was actually reading this...

Ackley Dark Out~